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Add to your Expo Memorabilia Collection!

Complete your Expo 74 memorabilia collection with RRAFA art!. Come down to Indaba on Riverside, Friday, May 3rd....we're having a kckoff party! 50% off beer and wine, people telling their memories of Expo, 50 years later, and EXPO 74 art on the walls for sale!

art by Helen Hansen

Big Bob Anthony will be there with the hits of 1974 playing on KOOL 107.1.....put on your bell-bottoms. grab your friends and come to the Expo launch party! 5-8pm Friday, May 3

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Marge Mero
Marge Mero
May 05

RRAFA Expo kickoff at Indaba was GREAT on May 3rd. Good turnout. Lots of fun with the raffles and memories of Expo 74. KOOL Oldies 107.1 was also there with items to give away and raffle. The art is up through May and June to view or buy so head down to 518 W Riverside to check out the art. Grab a snack, cup of coffee, or wine. Friendly folks at Indaba.

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