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Nancy Huck

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Before painting, I was making fabric art wall hangings and fun baby quilts, using my ideas, not patterns.

I never had art classes in school but always liked watercolor pictures. After retiring I took classes from various teachers for different perspectives.

The world has unending colors, shapes, sizes, plants, animals, people, ever changing. I can’t limit my paintings to one idea, forever flowers or only landscape. All of life calls out and pictures are in progress in my mind that travel through heart and hand to paper.

My Art

Two years ago I started working with acrylics, using them like watercolors, or adding depth and

building layers to add texture. I have used both in several pictures for different effects and

painting over problem areas in watercolor, or watercolor used for diffuse areas and acrylic for

detail or darker color.


At an exhibit or gallery, you have about three seconds to cause a person to stop and really look at a piece. With my art, I hope viewers stop, caught by color, or subject, or something different and unusual, or known and remembered.

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