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Erika Jones

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I was born in mysterious Mt. Shasta, California. And when I was 5 years old my family moved to Priest River, Idaho. So, I grew up surrounded by beauty and the great outdoors.

My mother handed me a crayon while I was still in a highchair and I proceeded to draw a likeness of our dog. From then on, she always encouraged me in art as she was very artistic herself. Whenever there was an opportunity for growth, she’d have me join a class being given down at the local paint store.

So, the next step after high school was to go to the University of Idaho where I earned a BA in Art and a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting. I am grateful that I will always have a friend in Art!

My Art

Photography and Painting seem to rule my life. Though it appears painting is the front runner these days. I enjoy color, brush strokes, and focus. I want people to “feel” something when they view my art. Isn’t that what art is all about?! I currently enjoy painting animals most. There is something about the eyes and bringing a blank canvas to life.

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