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Marge Mero

Marge Mero has done some level of art since grade school.  While still in high school, she graduated from Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis, MN in commercial art.  Over the years she has taken classes in watercolor, pastels, colored pencil, drawing, calligraphy, and other related classes.  Many classes/workshops were with well-known artists locally, nationally, and internationally. She also enjoys crafts and photography.   

While taking classes in calligraphy in the 1980s, she joined and became an active member of Scripts & Scribes, the Spokane area society for calligraphers.  Marge is still an active member.

My Art

Most of her work is done for her own pleasure and to share with her family.  She enjoys learning new processes and seeing what other artists are creating.

Marge has shown her art and won awards at venues in Arizona, Montana, and Washington.  

After retiring from Washington Water Power (now Avista) Marge became a member of River Ridge Association of Fine Arts in early 1999 and has been designated an “Outstanding Service Member” for her many years of assistance to the group.

Recognition for her work in art and business granted her recognition as an Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement inductee.

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