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Mark Bessermin

Mark's headshot_edited.jpg

Artist Bio

I have an architectural background and first noticed an ability to draw as I was tasked with creating the "Presentation Drawings" that would end up in the newspaper touting the creations of the architect that I worked for during my college years.  Also, at this time I took a sketching class from Bill Ross, who looked exactly like Bob Ross, only younger and with a differnet hair style!  I believe to this day that they must have been brothers!  In 2012, a friend invited me to attend a watercolor class give by Shirley Wright.  I fell in love with the medium instantly, only finding out later that it can be a difficult medium!  However, through Ms. Wright's wonderful teaching I was able to succeed!

My Art

For those of us who have been given the opportunity of time, to observe and capture the beautiful that is around us, we cherish those events as they allow us to "snare time" as we see it.  No matter the subject, we ourselves become part of it as we put in our own interpretation, producting a painting so that other also can share and take part in the experience we just enjoyed.  We all have avenues to loose our imaginative gifting, and I hope all of you find yours.  The rewards are worth the effort!

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