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Gayle Havercroft

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Artist background:

I am a lifelong resident of Spokane and can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in art. As a child I looked up to an uncle who was a good artist, and I wanted to emulate him. Art and music were my favorite subjects in school. I did my first relief print in the 7th grade. I remember it as a form of art that was different, and I enjoyed the process. My next exposure was in the 9th grade and then in a college class. I went to SFCC's Fine Arts program in my early 30's. Working, building a house, raising a growing family, raising livestock and just life in general, kept me from having much serious time for doing my art.


In the last few years, and particularly after retirement, I have been able to work more seriously at creating art. I have participated in a number of art events and street fairs, had a one man gallery show, have shown in three other galleries and have won numerous awards in local art shows.


Contact Information:

All my art is for sale. Contact through email at:

My Art

The primary media of art that I work in is Relief Printing (or block printing). My subject focus has been, and will continue to be is the area that has been known as the Inland Empire of Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Western Montana.

I have added watercolor washes to many of my prints in the last few years. I also work in the disciplines of pen and ink, graphite drawings, watercolor painting and acrylic painting.

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