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Darrell Wilcox

Darrell at the easel_edited.jpg

 I graduated from Eastern Washington University with my bachelor's degree and did my masters at the Maryland institute of art,  and then had the luxury of teaching for Loyola University in Baltimore. I was invited to several major shows in the DC and Baltimore area, studied mannerism in Florence Italy for about a year and a half and my daughter decided it was time to come back home to Spokane and I'm very glad to be back. I've never bothered to be a part of a art organization but I'm thrilled that I came across RRAFA and the amazing artists that are involved there.

My Art

As you can see, I've tried different styles through the years.  Currently I'm experimenting with the tonalist landscape style.  I get instant feedback every Tuesday, when I get together with other RRAFA artists at a group called "Painting with Friends," at Spokane Art Supply .

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