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Update - odds and ends

I'm writing this on my new computer....the old one bit the dust, or should I say mud, in a flood (details upon request).

Antonio Romero and Diane Lindblade will have their art up on the walls of Indaba during the month of July. First Friday is July them if you can.

Becky Dudenhofer will have her art up at Garland Sandwich Shoppe, starting on July 8th.

The annual picnic is set for July 13th at our house. You'll be seeing emails about that...

Same day, Art on the Avenue (Garland Business District)

July 20th - Gayle Havercroft will have his booth set up at 33 Artists in the Wonder Building.

The Annual RRAFA show will be a Liberty Gallery again, in September, and will be judged by Katie Frey. Theme is The Glories of Fall.

This month the board meeting is on the 10th, 11am at SAS...monthly meeting is set for the 24th,10am at SAS.

Hope you got the latest membership list from Connie. She sent out an email with changes a few days ago; if you didn't get it there, pull it up in the "quick links" section of this website. 53 members now!

If you have a showing or other info you want to get out there....send me an email at

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Marge Mero
Marge Mero
Jul 03

Good schedule of what is happening when.

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