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Seems like RRAFA artists are EVERYWHERE

  • Nancy Huck's art is up at Indaba through April

  • T Kurtz is at booth 365 at the Custer show at the Fairground through March 3

  • T is up all month long at Indaba and is participating in the Women's Art Show at the Moon

  • Debbie Hughbanks is in the Dogs and Cats show at the Liberty Gallery; she's also in the Moon show...and that's just in Spokane. If you stumble into Prescott, AZ, you'll see her art at the Phippen Museum of Western Art...and don't forget the Chewelah Winterfest...I believe Debbie, Butch Bovan, T Kurtz, and Janene Grende are there as well....

  • Linda Dailey has her animals and flowers on the walls of Garland Sandwich Shoppe

  • Where else? Who else? Tell me and I'll post here.


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1 Comment

Thank you for mentioning the venues I am showing my work at here. I certainly appreciate it!

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