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New Title...but wait, there's MORE!

As you can see, News has become News/Blogs. Any member who writes a blog should drop it into this spot. T Kurtz and Debbie Hughbanks asked for this change, and I was happy to accommodate.

So check in frequently to see what your fellow members have to say...

Here's the MORE part: We are launching our promotional efforts today for our April First Friday event and our monster May First Friday event. An ad hoc committee met to kick around old ideas and new, to generate more of a response to our First Friday events at Indaba Coffee.

Here's what you can do. When you see a blurb on Facebook or Instagram, SHARE it. We double checked, and you should be able to share from both our RRAFA FB sites.

At our board meeting last week, we agreed that the way to get more people (art buyers) to these events is participation. Just like attending our monthly meetings, and our Painting with Friends Tuesdays, First Friday should be something you should consider. "All for one and one for all" means we should all be boosting our fellow members who are showing at various venues, and the Indaba gallery is our premier showplace.

Stepping down off my soapbox, I just want to say thanks to all of you who have submitted your bios and art to me. If you haven't gazed at the spectacular art and accomplishments of your fellow members, click on "Our Artists" and browse through. And if you don't have a page yet, send me your info and images, and you'll be on the site.

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Let me know when I am able to post a blog, Chuck. I don't see an "add post" button yet. Thanks!!


Marge Mero
Marge Mero
Mar 20

Note: The News/Blog category is open to the PUBLIC. That should be okay for most, but just want to be sure you are aware.

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