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Gatieh Nacario


Gatieh Nacario, a well-celebrated artist hailing from the Philippines, has been a dynamic presence in Spokane art scene since his relocation in 2019. Whether he’s wielding a brush as a visual artist or commanding the stage as a performing artist, Gatieh’s passion for creativity is on full display. His commitment to the community extends beyond his art, as he also actively supports non-profit organizations through his Art Collaboration Shows. Currently serving as the Director of Hope House Emergency Shelter at Volunteers of America, Gatieh continues to embody his message through his art and his altruistic endeavors. With an unwavering dedication to his craft and a deep sense of purpose in supporting non-profits, Gatieh Nacario stands as a humble example of artistic expression and compassion.

My Art

Gatieh's brand of art is the mesmerizing stained-glass illusion style, a unique and captivating form that sets him apart in the artistic landscape. This distinctive style reflects his message of embracing uniqueness and turning weaknesses into strengths.

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