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Debbie Rhodes


I love challenges.


I will try almost anything along the lines of creativity. I have built a subterranean home in a hillside. I rocked the front, the fireplace and wired the home, titled the floors, designed and built the moulding for the floors. Two way switches however were quite a challenge for me. I, however left the rest of the construction to the contractors. Currently, I am carving/etching wood and glass. I also turn bowls, vases, etc. on a wood lathe. I am a breast cancer survivor, and relax by painting with oils, watercolor, and acrylics. My next challenge will be making a sword!

My Art

I strive to paint what I see, and as realistic as possible for me. I have painted only for myself and the joy of doing so, however my family have taken some paintings since I’ve run out of wall space in my home!

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