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Just Imagine

The piece shown here is part of a series of paintings where I am exploring toys that were once near and dear to some child's heart, but have now been left behind for other, more "grown up" interests. When my husband and I discovered this particular pull toy in a dark and dusty corner of a vintage/collectible store we were both smitten with it. We both imagined what the stories were that it had to tell. 

Is momma proud of her ducklings or perhaps oblivious to what her youngsters are planning behind her back? Are the siblings planning a prank or simply sharing a secret between themselves? And what on earth could they tell us (if only they could speak) about the lives of the small children whose hands had played with them throughout the years?


Just imagine...

As an artist yourself, do you like to think that your work tells a story to those who see it?

Will it make the viewer remember a special time in their life or evoke a strong emotion within them? Maybe it will cause that person to stop short, consider the painting in front of them or simply ponder it for a while . . . reaching a conclusion that is quite different than what you ever considered when you first put brush to canvas or pastel to paper.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, does it? If you’re like me, you simply want to share a bit of the world as you see it and hope that viewers will connect with it, too, in some positive and emotional way.

Just imagine…

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