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Here comes 2024...

The holiday party is in the books, $500+ raised from the gift basket and auction. Thanks to Helen and Kay for putting things together.

More money was received this week from the very, very generous owner of Indaba Coffee Roasters, Bobby Enslow - $543! So, over a thousand dollars for our youth art programs! We'll have reps from each of the three programs at our January meeting (presided over by new president Linda Calahan). They'll bring us up to date with what each of them are doing, and we'll hand them each a $250 gift card to SAS.

Meanwhile, the calendar keeps rolling on...for those of us exhibiting in the annual show at Indaba, we are taking down our art between 9 and 10am, Tuesday, January 2nd. Please put that on your calendar.

New art going up on that same day: members Carole Cossette, Linda Calahan, and Mark Bessermin.

And if you haven't visited it yet, check out our new Instagram page riverridgearts. We already have close to 50 followers.

Looking forward to a wonderful new year of art opportunities and experiences!

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