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Accepting the Challenge

How are you about accepting an art challenge? Do you rise to the occasion or are you more likely to shy away from the test?

In the RRAFA organization monthly challenges are laid out well in advance as a starting point for its members to get their “creative juices” flowing and help them think out of the box. Each month the artists bring new work to share and it never disappoints. It is always diverse, fun and extremely inspirational!

This month’s challenge is especially important because the RRAFA artists are working along with our very special host venue, Indaba Coffee (518 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA) to put together a wonderful event revisiting Expo74 fifty years later. The show opens in May.

So . . . RRAFA artists, DO accept this challenge and create something new to celebrate something old. Let’s work together to make this exhibition & sale a memorable event!

And . . . art lovers and collectors, please stop by on First Friday, May 3, to find out what Expo74 was . . . what  it became. . . and the legacy it left behind. Revisit it here, 50 years later, in our EPIC exhibition combining historic photos and newly imagined art inspired by the event that many said Spokane was too small to even make happen.

Come grab a cup of coffee, or share a glass of wine, while you view the exhibit and have an opportunity to reminisce with people who were there.

Now is the time to accept the challenge. Let’s come together and see what we can do!

Thanks for taking time to read this. You can find my own weekly blog, “… A Brush With Nature”, on my website at

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