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April 24th meeting

Breaking news! I just looked at the eyeball counter under the blog "We're having a Party". 360 views! People are looking at our website!

Just wanted to let you know that our next meeting on the 24th will feature all your EXPO-themed paintings. Looking forward to that. Also, we're asking everyone who participated in Janene's silk painting class to bring their silk art. Here's Gayle's. This is a photo of the print Kurt made for him.

Also, our guest speaker will be well-known art instructor, Sue Rohrbach.

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Marge Mero
Marge Mero
Apr 11

Gayle's silk painting of a buffalo was done using his original art. . cannot be sold as your art if it is not your own original. Gayle made sure he would have his prints available for sale at art exhibits coming up. It is absolutely gorgeous!

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