My name is Kristine Renfro and art has always been a huge part of my life and journey. Since childhood Art helped me escape my dysfunctional upbringing. Painting and drawing has allowed me to express myself when words could not. I have learned to balance the light and darkness in the world because without one you can not have the other. I consider myself a multi media artist because I just love creating unique pieces. Through paper and pen to 3D wood creations. I love making pieces and bringing it to life with paint.
Being raised in northern California, I have always had a passion for Nature and what mother earth has to offer. The beauty, the uniqueness, the balance is just what everyone needs to feel. Though hard to capture, I really try to bring nature into my art.
I own a jewelry business called Finding Nature and I started it back in 2015 when I had decided to make Christmas presents for my family instead of buying gifts. I wasn’t trying to be cheap, but to make memorable gifts with crystals that I found on hikes. They received a lot of positive feedback and questions about the jewelry pieces so I decided to keep creating. Years later and I am still creating one of kind pieces. My skills have improved and techniques expanded. Mainly staying with nature themed pieces but have explored with different styles. Another interesting aspect about me is I am a certified Master Reiki Healer. Reiki is just the Japanese form of energy healing. There are many ways to work with energy and I include that in all my artwork and jewelry. Through painting symbols to adding extra energy to crystals. People have told me that they feel the love and positive energy when they wear my jewelry.
My online store :https://www.bonanza.com/booths/Finding_Nature
FB: FindingNature530
IG: findingnature530

Kristine Renfro