My name is Jared Bone, I've been living in Spokane since the young age of three. I spend a majority of my time either skiing, taking photos, doing collages , reading fantasy, or rock climbing. But, I've always had a big passion for creativity, but I never could quite figure out the correct medium for me. Eventually I discovered that I truly love digital photography, which then led to me discovering, in my opinion superior, film photography. With photography being my starting ground I learned to enjoy using Photoshop and wanted to find a way in which I could employ it to a more creative end than color correction, and base edits, that's when I started doing collages. I found that there's something so inspiring about digging through a heap of old magazines and old books to find random pictures to cut and combine into an interesting narrative. Then being able to scan that into a computer and make the image more convincing is ultimately satisfying to me. 
You can find my work on my instagram at @bybone._

Jared Bone