I was born and raised in Spokane Wa., and worked as a Journeyman Plumber for 32 years. I worked in many States, including Alaska. In 2006 a fall on a construction site, fractured my back in many places and disabled me, and took away my career. After going through a tough time, trying to decide what to do with my life, because plumbing was my life since I was 18, I was watching my son painting with Oils. I asked him to give me a few pointers before he left town on tour, which he did. I've always sketched, but never tried painting. So after he showed me a few things, I sat down and practiced everyday, and taught myself how to paint. I just planned on painting for a hobby, to keep my spirits up. But the more I painted, the more I loved it and it brought me back to life. Then one day I was at the Liberty bldg. and Christina, who is now one of my best friends, saw pictures of my work, and asked me to show with her. I did my first show, loved it so much and it changed my life. I've now showed at many Venues in the Spokane Area, and sold all over the country, and members of a T.V. show in Alaska have 3 of my pieces, which is exciting.I decide I wanted to help other Artists to get their work out to show, so I started talking to different locations and Venues, and now I Curate 7 Venues, and set up Art Shows. Things have worked out great for me in the Arts, I am now the President of River Ridge Association of Fine Arts and Cofounder of CHARTS, which is an organization to help children through the Arts. It stands for Child Humanitarian Arts. I'm also an Administrator for Art Seed and I show Artist on the Living Stage at the Red Lion Hotel, which is a great way for Artist to get known around the country. I truly love what I do and I never plan on stopping working in the Arts.

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Denny Carman