I was born in 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada on Halloween night.  It’s a fun birthday to have!  I have lived in Spokane for most of my life.  I come from a creative family of artists and musicians.  I am married to a creative and loving husband who shares my adventures in art.  We have been creating together for over 13 years.  I graduated from Shadle Park High School in 1998 and attended college at SFCC, EWU Cheney, and WSU Spokane.  You might think that sounds like a lot of school.  It was.  I was a nurse for 10 years, then I became an English teacher.  I am currently the Home Hospital teacher for Mead School District.  As busy as my career keeps me, I manage to keep bees and I love to forage for wild foods in our local forests and mountains.  My love of nature influences me in my artistic endeavors. 

	I work in many creative outlets including sewing and quilting, writing, dancing, and painting.  Recently, my husband has started to teach me to weld.  I want to add sculptures to my repertoire. I have been sewing and quilting since I was a child, learning first at the knee of my great grandma.  I also started writing at a young age.  Most of my writing focuses on educational issues, however I do write some poetry and fiction as well.  I also became a dancer and performer as a child.  Over the years, I incorporated fire into my dancing.  My husband and I perform fire dances together.  I started painting about five years ago.  I had always wanted to try.  I did grow up watching the Bob Ross series after all.  Then one day I was invited to a friend’s house for a painting party.  I couldn’t miss that!  The next day, I went out and bought my first paints, brushes, and canvas paper.  I have been painting ever since and it has become one of my favorite artistic endeavors.  I paint in several mediums including watercolor, acrylic, spray paint, and chalk.

Becca Osburn