Forward From Denny Carmen

Good morning my fellow RRAFA Members, I hope everyone is staying safe out there. It looks like Winter has arrived. I wanted to follow up on the message I sent out concerning Nominations for RRAFA Board Members for next Year. I received the same message back from a lot of our Members and that is to keep the same Board Members for next year, since this year has been terrible for everyone and we weren't able to accomplish anything. I talked with the other Board Members, to see if everyone would want to keep their position on the Board for next year and all the Board Members said yes. So we will be keeping the same Board for next year and we all excited to get back to work, to move RRAFA forward into the New Year. I believe next year will be a lot better and I hope we can start meeting face to face again soon. If anyone has any questions, please message me anytime. Here's to an amazing New Year my friends. Keep on Smiling and stay safe.

Thanks, Denny. RRAFA President.

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