Art Camp!

Since there'll be so much to do, we decided to call it RRAFA Art Camp! What do we do at Art Camp? 1. Eat & drink 2. Paint a still life (maybe of what you're eating) 3. Paint a plein air of John's sunflowers 4. Have fun with runny paint (flow acrylics) 5. Sketch something to be finished in your studio 6. Get to know some members you don't already know. 7. You come up with something we haven't thought of (hit reply all and fire away!) Chuck Camp counselor

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We'll have two opportunities coming soon. First the general meeting on the 22nd. (10am at Spokane Art Supply) Come for the info on upcoming events. Come for Marge’s 50th anniversary minute. Come fo

Opportunity! In addition to our regular meeting on the 25th (which you won't want to miss - more later), we have been offered an opportunity not only to show our art, but sell it, AND benefit the you