50th Anniversary of RRAFA

Updated: Feb 12

Hi everyone! It's my honor to be president in the 50th year of this organization's existence. Many of you think of RRAFA as that fourth Wednesday meeting you go and even that has come into question over the last two pandemic years.

My first goal is to create a list (calendar) of meetings and events you all can check periodically. There might be something you want to get involved with, like a pleinaire outing, for instance. My secondary goal is to extend that out into the total Spokane artist community. Your past president, Denny Carman, is working on that second goal. Denny and I participated in the first meeting of representatives of the art community on February 5th. Wouldn't it be nice to have an ap, or a Facebook page, or a website you could look up "art things to do today" or "here's a venue to show your art" or something like that?

At our February meeting, everyone is expected to bring a 5x7 painting, collage, mixed media, or 3D creation, signed on the back. We'll number them, and then everyone who brought one will draw a number, which will correlate with the number on the back of....your new painting!

Marge Mero will look back in history for another 50th Anniversary Minute.

Last: Dues ($30) for 2022 are due at the February meeting day. This is important, because only those who've paid their dues will remain as members in the "members only" section, and will be allowed to have up to 10 images in the "artists" section. So try to remember to bring a check or cash to the meeting so you don't miss out on what's shaping up to be a very busy year.


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